Johnson & Johnson Venue Transferred from North Carolina to New Jersey

Deciding to transfer venue, a North Carolina bankruptcy judge said that the debtor underwent a corporate restructuring ‘purely for the purpose of filing bankruptcy.’

A Purdue Suit Against Insurance Carriers Stays in Bankruptcy Court, for Now

Insurance coverage disputes are ‘routinely resolved in summary judgment,’ counseling against immediate withdrawal of the reference of a non-core lawsuit, district judge says.

Denial of a Motion to Convert from ‘11’ to ‘7’ Is Not Final and Thus Not Appealable

Until now, there has been surprisingly little precedent directly on point to say that denial of a motion for conversion from chapter 11 to chapter 7 is not a final order subject to appeal

Eleventh Circuit Says Section 363(m) Even Moots Appeals Not Properly Authorized

In a concurrence, Circuit Judge Jordan questions whether rollups are permitted under Eleventh Circuit authority.

Priest Lacked Standing to Raise a Claim Objection to Clear His Name of Sexual Abuse

Standing has three components: statutory standing, constitutional standing and prudential standing, Judge Thuma explains.

Supreme Court Update: Equitable Mootness Not Ready for Prime Time

An arbitration case to be argued in November may inform bankruptcy courts whether they must enforce arbitration agreements.