Ninth Circuit BAP and a Brooklyn District Judge Agree on Removal to the Bankruptcy Court

Bankruptcy removal statute doesn’t permit moving a suit in district court to the bankruptcy court in another district.

Trustees Don’t Need a Pecuniary Interest to Have Standing to Appeal, Fifth Circuit Says

Fee allowances aren’t made with the benefit of hindsight, the Fifth Circuit says.

Circuits Split on Applying Derivative Jurisdiction to a Lack of Personal Jurisdiction

In a removed action, nationwide service under Bankruptcy Rule 7004 can give a district court personal jurisdiction, even though the state court would lack personal jurisdiction.

Rule 54(b) Can’t Be Used to Certify an Interlocutory Appeal to the Circuit

Federal Rule 54(b) is not an alternative to 28 U.S.C. § 158(a)(3) and Bankruptcy Rule 8004 for certifying an interlocutory appeal.