On Title Loans, a Judge Decides Between Conflicting Eleventh Circuit Opinions

Can a state law properly decree when a debtor’s property drops out of the estate?

BAP Rules that Tolling in Section 108(c) Does Not Apply to Notices Under Section 546(b)

In dicta, the Ninth Circuit BAP says that equitable estoppel cannot be applied against a debtor in view of the debtor’s fiduciary responsibilities.

Alabama Judges Narrow Northington to Aid Owners of Pawned Automobiles

Whether there had been a default before the chapter 13 filing was pivotal to the debtor’s right to retain a pawned car.

A Chapter 11 Filing Can Extend an Inflexible Closing Date by 60 Days

Filing a chapter 11 petition to obtain an automatic 60-day extension of a closing date is not a bad faith filing, Judge Bernstein says.