Barton Doctrine Protected a Receiver from an Automatic Stay Violation

The district court properly reversed and dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction under Barton.

Bankruptcy Courts Have Jurisdiction and Power to Compel Payment of Counsel Fees

The Ninth Circuit BAP says that 28 U.S.C. § 1334(e)(2) gives bankruptcy courts exclusive jurisdiction with regard to disputes over fee allowances.

Supreme Court Rules on Mootness, but Not Equitable Mootness

The unanimous decision on March 19 by Justice Gorsuch contains language that could be used on both sides of the argument about the validity of equitable mootness.

Supreme Court Hears Argument on Who Has Standing in Bankruptcy Cases

The Supreme Court may decide that standing in bankruptcy cases is more flexible and that Article III standards don’t apply in chapter 11 cases.

Rooker-Feldman Held Not to Prevent Relitigation of a Denied Exemption

The Supreme Court’s narrowing of Rooker-Feldman is showing up in circuit court opinions.

Ritzen and Bullard Didn’t Change the ‘Pragmatic Approach’ to Bankruptcy Finality

Under binding circuit precedent, a Delaware district judge ruled that an order denying a motion to dismiss a chapter 11 case is final and appealable.