Misleading Ads to Poach a Debtor’s Customers Is No Stay Violation, Circuit Says

The Second Circuit gives competitors license to mount false advertising unless it’s ‘virtually certain’ to affect a debtor’s customer contracts or goodwill.

Ninth Circuit Bankruptcy Judges Disagree on Allowing Emotional Distress Damages

One day apart, bankruptcy judges in the Ninth Circuit disagreed on emotional distress damages for violations of the discharge injunction.

Federal Government Doesn’t Have Sovereign Immunity to Avoid Contempt Sanctions

Bankruptcy Judge Scott Clarkson nailed the government with $38,000 in sanctions for a ‘willful’ violation of a discovery order shown by ‘clear and convincing evidence.’

Sub V Plan Doesn’t Require Automatic Increases Based on Actual Disposable Income

Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Bradley disagreed with a district court in Florida that required a ‘true up’ if actual disposable income in Sub V exceeds projected disposable income.