Plan Confirmation

Contingent Indemnification Brings an Automatic Stay in Chapter 9, First Circuit Says

First Circuit won’t allow artful pleading to avoid the automatic stay in municipal bankruptcies.

Sub V Has a Flexible Commitment Period in Cramdown, Ninth Circuit BAP Says

Unlike chapters 12 and 13, the bankruptcy court in Subchapter V has discretion in selecting the commitment period for confirmation of a cramdown plan.

First Circuit Upholds Confirmation of Puerto Rico’s Debt Adjustment Plan

Federal preemption allowed rejection of the defined benefit pension plan for Puerto Rico’s teachers.

District Judge Barred Redesignation to SBRA in a Case Pending 16 Months

Redesignation under the SBRA might become a hot topic once again when (if) Congress raises the cap back to $7.5 million.

Supreme Court Hears Argument on Constitutionality of 2018 Increase in U.S. Trustee Fees

At oral argument, the justices seemed more concerned about the remedy to give if the dual fee system was unconstitutional.

FishDish Proves that Ending Equitable Mootness Didn’t End the World as We Know It

Curtailing equitable mootness will benefit the bankruptcy community by fostering appellate decisions that clarify the standards for confirmation of chapter 11 plans.