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The ABI Journal publishes incisive commentary each month on a range of bankruptcy- and insolvency-related issues. Past articles have been cited in support of case filings, and practitioners in both business and consumer bankruptcy — as well as many other parties with an interest in bankruptcy and insolvency — rely on the Journal to keep them updated on important emerging filing trends, innovative legal strategies to employ, and valuable perspectives that offer insights to both experienced hands and those new to the field.

  • Over 50 separate recurring columns, covering hundreds of timely bankruptcy and insolvency topics
  • More than 3,000 authors — including top practitioners from business and consumer practices, financial advisors, bankruptcy scholars, trustees and judges
  • Online archive, fully searchable by keyword, containing more than 20 years of content — over 5,000 articles

No other publication offers such a comprehensive look at the Bankruptcy Code or insights into economic fault lines that could signal the next wave of bankruptcies.