Rooker-Feldman Only Applies to Someone Who Was a Party in State Court

Rooker-Feldman is applied narrowly these days and isn’t a substitute for collateral estoppel.

In MOAC on Remand, the Second Circuit Vacates the Order Assigning the Lease

The Second Circuit is remanding to district court for a ruling on the relief available to the landlord, given that the sale closed years ago.

It’s Ok for Lenders to ‘Manufacture’ a Favorable Venue, Delaware Judge Says

A Delaware opinion states that debtors can’t reincorporate to manufacture venue, but it’s permissible for lenders to do so.

Bankruptcy Judge Refuses to Enforce an Arbitration Agreement

An exculpation clause in a chapter 11 plan protected the owner’s counsel from a malpractice suit.

Labor Union Beats Back a Motion to Transfer Venue to the Bankruptcy Court

A district judge, who had been a bankruptcy and BAP judge, narrowly interpreted 28 U.S.C. § 1412 as being inapplicable to pending suits only “related to” the bankruptcy.

Supreme Court to Hear a Third Bankruptcy Case this Term: Standing Under § 1109(b)

Supreme Court to decide whether a creditor has standing to object to any provision in a chapter 11 plan, even provisions that don’t affect the creditor.

An FTC Suit Under the Sherman and FTC Acts Wasn’t Subject to the Automatic Stay

The ‘police and regulatory’ exception to the automatic stay applies when the FTC is only seeking injunctive and equitable relief, the D.C. Circuit says.