Consumer Bankruptcy

Second Circuit Allows Appellate Attorneys’ Fees for Upholding a Contempt Citation

Finally, a circuit court cites Taggart to help a debtor enforce the discharge injunction.

Nonjudicial Foreclosure Wipes Out Deficiencies for the FCRA, Ninth Circuit Says

The Ninth Circuit equates nonjudicial foreclosure with bankruptcy discharge in terms of the effect on deficiencies following foreclosure.

Two Circuits Now Give Priority Status to Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Penalty

The Affordable Care Act’s ‘individual mandate’ was a tax measured by income, thus giving the IRS a priority tax claim.

Importance of the Supreme Court’s Upcoming Bartenwerfer Decision Seen in Florida Case

The decision by the Supreme Court next term in Bartenwerfer will tell us whether debts can be automatically nondischargeable, even when the debtor is without fault.

An Initial ‘Recipient’ of a Fraudulent Transfer Isn’t Always Liable Under § 550(a)(1)

The Second Circuit says that an initial ‘recipient’ isn’t automatically an initial ‘transferee’ liable for an avoidable transfer under Section 550(a)(1).

Circuits More Deeply Split on Waiver of Sovereign Immunity for Native American Tribes

Over a vigorous dissent, the First Circuit Joins the Ninth Circuit by holding that Section 106(a) waives tribes’ sovereign immunity.