A Bankrupt Defendant Complicates Filing an Appeal Against Everyone Else

The Sixth Circuit explains how to appeal when the automatic stay prevents an order in a multi-defendant suit from becoming a final order.

Modifying the Stay Doesn’t Relinquish Jurisdiction Entirely over the Dispute

In bankruptcy proceedings, formal notice isn’t required if there is actual notice, the Tenth Circuit says.

Fifth Circuit: MOAC Didn’t Weaken Section 363(m) on Statutory Mootness for Sales

The Fifth Circuit used Section 363(m) to avoid ruling on equitable mootness following consummation of a chapter 11 plan.

Another Judge Rules that Federal Bankruptcy Law Preempts Delaware Law on LLCs

Like Bankruptcy Judge Lopez in Houston, Delaware’s Judge Goldblatt decided that Delaware law governing LLCs can’t eliminate rights that are fundamental in federal bankruptcy law.

Rooker-Feldman Even Bars Review of State Court Judgments that Are ‘Void,’ Circuit Says

A debtor has one bite at the apple to enforce discharge. Take your pick: state or federal court, but not both.

Denial of Modification of a Chapter 11 Plan Is Final and Appealable

Baltimore district judge applies the Fourth Circuit’s ‘substantial and unanticipated’ test to modifications of chapter 11 plans.