Second Circuit Won’t Vacate the Stay Pending Appeal from Voyager’s Confirmation Order

A terse Second Circuit order seems to mean that a stay of a confirmation order pending appeal granted in district court can’t be appealed to the circuit, at least when the appeal is being expedited.

‘Person Aggrieved’ for Appellate Standing Test May Have Died, but May Be Resurrected

Sixth Circuit judges wrote 17 pages of dicta to muse on whether the ‘person aggrieved’ test for appellate standing died with the adoption of the Bankruptcy Code but remains good law under the ‘zone-of-interests’ test.

Ninth Circuit BAP Rules on a Question to Be Decided Soon by the Supreme Court

Like the question in MOAC to be decided soon by the Supreme Court, the BAP says that the qualifications for an involuntary petitioner are not jurisdictional and can be waived.

Although Interlocutory, Orders Refusing to Compel Arbitration Can Be Appealed

An appeal brewing in West Virginia may give the Fourth Circuit an opportunity to decide when or whether arbitration agreements are enforceable in bankruptcy.

Highland Capital Makes Law Again, This Time on Bankruptcy Appellate Standing

The ‘possibility of harm’ won’t confer bankruptcy appellate standing, the Fifth Circuit says.