Ultimate Success of the J&J Subsidiary’s Second ‘Talc’ Bankruptcy Is Up in the Air

The bankruptcy judge only gave nondebtor J&J companies a more limited stay in the second LTL chapter 11 case.

A Statement ‘For Informational Purposes’ Can Still Be a Stay Violation, BAP Says

A BAP strictly enforced the stay against a mortgage servicer who improperly listed a pre-petition debt in the portion of the monthly statement showing the next post-petition payment.

Notification of Bankruptcy Requires Lifting Garnishment of Post-Petition Income

Although the automatic stay does not require turning over property garnished before bankruptcy, a creditor may not continue garnishing property after filing, Judge Burgess says.

Rebuffed in Bankruptcy Court, the Government Wins a Stay of Voyager’s Confirmation

The U.S. Attorney argued in district court that the Voyager plan would bar the government from enforcing federal regulations and criminal laws.