Practice and Procedure

Rooker-Feldman Held Not to Prevent Relitigation of a Denied Exemption

The Supreme Court’s narrowing of Rooker-Feldman is showing up in circuit court opinions.

A ‘13’ Debtor Can’t Dismiss After Conversion to ‘7,’ Tenth Circuit BAP Says

A 14-day stay under Rule 7062 might have saved the chapter 13 debtor’s right to dismiss under Section 1307(b).

Being a ‘Net Winner’ in a Ponzi Scheme Doesn’t Automatically Mean Nondischargeability

Alleging that a debtor realized an ‘impossibly high’ rate of return in a Ponzi scheme isn’t enough to state a claim of nondischargeability for ‘actual fraud.’

Ritzen and Bullard Didn’t Change the ‘Pragmatic Approach’ to Bankruptcy Finality

Under binding circuit precedent, a Delaware district judge ruled that an order denying a motion to dismiss a chapter 11 case is final and appealable.

Judge Easterbrook Says: Bankruptcy Court Could Set Aside Erroneous State Court Ruling

By referring to the Rooker-Feldman doctrine, the appellant might have won an appeal where the bankruptcy court effectively set aside an erroneous decision by a state court regarding discharge.