Practice and Procedure

Shareholder Standing Scrutinized in a Case that Presages Truck Insurance

Can Section 327(c) be unconstitutional as applied if it deprives shareholders of standing when the estate might be solvent?

A Stipulated Dismissal Won’t Serve as the Basis for Res Judicata, a/k/a Claim Preclusion

A stipulated dismissal, even with prejudice, doesn’t mean that the claims were ‘actually litigated’ for the purpose of claim preclusion, the Sixth Circuit says.

May a Trustee Attach a Preference Defendant’s Property Before Judgment?

If the requisites for a preliminary injunction are met, a trustee might be able to freeze some of a preference defendant’s assets when a prejudgment attachment is not available.

Creditors Don’t Receive Estate Assets Recovered After the Last Chapter 13 Plan Payment

Absent a provision in the plan to the contrary, creditors aren’t given estate assets recovered after the final plan payment.

Judge Rails Against Subchapter V Cases Taking as Long as ‘Regular’ Chapter 11s

An opinion by Denver’s Judge McNamara describes the four interpretations of Section 1189(b) and follows the meaning given to Section 1221.