Practice and Procedure

District Judge Explains What a Notice of Appeal Does and Doesn’t Do

A notice of appeal precludes the court from modifying an order on appeal but does not impair enforcement of the order absent a stay pending appeal.

Receivership Didn’t Prevent an LLC’s Manager from Filing Bankruptcy for the LLC

Judge Randal Mashburn described what a state court must do in appointing a receiver that would prevent an LLC’s manager from filing a bankruptcy petition.

Federal Government Doesn’t Have Sovereign Immunity to Avoid Contempt Sanctions

Bankruptcy Judge Scott Clarkson nailed the government with $38,000 in sanctions for a ‘willful’ violation of a discovery order shown by ‘clear and convincing evidence.’

MOAC Again: No Remedy for the Landlord Despite Beating Sears in the Supreme Court

On remand from the Supreme Court and the Second Circuit, the district court decides that the Mall of America landlord isn’t entitled to more than the bargain it made with Sears in 1991.