4th Circuit

Government’s Common Law Fraud Suit Excepted from Automatic Stay

Automatic stay nonetheless may preclude collecting judgment from estate property.

Disability-Care Payments Are Excluded from Calculation of ‘Disposable Income’

Government payments to care for disabled adults go to parents, not creditors, judge rules.

Pro Se Debtors Entitled to Different Notice Before Sua Sponte Dismissal

Pro se debtors must be told explicitly of the right to request a hearing.

Circuit Split Deepens on Stale Claims as Violations of the FDCPA

Vigorous dissents in the Seventh and Fourth Circuits accentuate splits on the FDCPA.

Evidence Rule Gives Wide Latitude for a Homeowner’s Opinion on Value

Evidence Rule 701 requires the homeowner’s opinion on value, not someone else’s.

No Superpriority Claim for Fully Secured Lender’s Post-Petition Interest

Superpriority claim only ensures recovery of filing day interest and principal.

Exhausting Administrative Remedies Is No Prerequisite to Bankruptcy Jurisdiction

Exhaustion of state and federal administrative remedies are not the same, judge says.

Fourth Circuit Says Chapter 13 Can’t Reinstate Non-Default Rate on Home Mortgage

Bar to modification of a home mortgage trumps ability to cure in chapter 13.

Romance Can Lead to Marriage, but Not to a Nondischargeable Debt

Infatuation negates reliance in alleged fraud between lovers.

Fourth Circuit Fixes One Issue of Tax Lien Subordination under BAPCPA

Fourth Circuit cleans up one mess Congress made with BAPCPA.