Fifth Circuit Vacates $240,000 in Sanctions for Being Criminal, Not Civil, Contempt

The Fifth Circuit dissenter says that the majority set aside findings of fact without showing them to be clearly erroneous.

Barton Doctrine Protected a Receiver from an Automatic Stay Violation

The district court properly reversed and dismissed for lack of subject matter jurisdiction under Barton.

Supreme Court Rules on Mootness, but Not Equitable Mootness

The unanimous decision on March 19 by Justice Gorsuch contains language that could be used on both sides of the argument about the validity of equitable mootness.

Creditor Hit with $826,000 in Sanctions for Filing a Meritless Proof of Claim

Refusing to withdraw a meritless claim with prejudice contributed to the decision by Judge Jernigan to impose high-six-figure sanctions.

Lack of Financial Distress Doesn’t Divest a Court of Subject Matter Jurisdiction

Two North Carolina Courts have held within two months that the Bankruptcy Clause doesn’t demand ‘financial distress’ to establish subject matter jurisdiction.