South Carolina

Bifurcated Fee Arrangements Now Seem Impossible in South Carolina

Affirming the bankruptcy court, the district court found that bifurcated fees are excessive and that inadequate disclosures violated Sections 526 and 528.

Placing Title Jointly with a Spouse May Be Avoidable if the Spouse Gave No Consideration

In South Carolina, taking title to property jointly with a spouse can be an avoidable gift under the Statute of Elizabeth.

The Concept of Bifurcated Fee Agreements Approved on Appeal in South Carolina

Reversing the bankruptcy court, the district court decided that a local rule did not bar bifurcated fee arrangements altogether.

Interest Not Required on 100% ‘13’ Plans that Don’t Commit All Disposable Income

Treaties disagree on whether interest is required in 100% chapter 13 plans when the debtor is not devoting all disposable income to the plan.

Bad Faith Permits Dismissal of a Chapter 13 Case with Conditions, Judge Waites Says

Debtor accepted a bar to refiling to avoid dismissal with prejudice of her chapter 13 case.

Over-the-Top Allegations of Stay Violation Bring $10,000 Sanction for Violating Rule 11

Counsel sanctioned $10,000 for making allegations about an intentional or malicious stay violation without having performed an investigation to justify the claims.

Chapter 13 Debtor May (Sometimes) Contribute to Retirement Plans

A chapter 13 debtor was permitted to make a fraction of the pension contributions permitted by the IRS Code.

Appeal Heads Toward the Fourth Circuit on Arbitration of Discharge Violations

Eventually, the Supreme Court will decide whether bankruptcy is a unique exception to the general rule that arbitration agreements are rigorously enforced.

Currently Conducting Business Isn’t Required to Qualify for the SBRA

Dealing with the debt left over from a defunct business is enough to qualify as a small business debtor under the new subchapter V of chapter 11, Judge Burris rules.

Incorporating AAA Rules by Reference Won’t Work with Consumers

Courts are split on the question of whether the incorporation of AAA rules by reference allows arbitrators to decide threshold questions of arbitrability and validity of an agreement to arbitrate.