Courts May Create Trust Accounts to Pay Sub V Trustees and Other Admin Expenses

The court can’t require a debtor to give a ‘retainer’ to a Subchapter V trustee, Judge Pearson says.

State Law Lines Up with Federal Judicial Estoppel When Assets Aren’t Scheduled

Oregon Supreme Court allows substitution of a bankruptcy trustee as the real party in interest because denial would chiefly punish the debtor’s creditors.

Ninth Circuit Cited for Barring So-Called Critical Vendor Orders

A bankruptcy judge in Oregon was unable to follow renowned Bankruptcy Judges ‘Burt’ Lifland and ‘Mike’ Lynn, who granted critical vendor motions.

Electric Power Held Not to Be Goods with a 20-Day Priority Under Section 503(b)(9)

An Oregon power company appears headed for the Ninth Circuit to decide whether electric power qualifies as “goods” to be accorded the 20-day priority.

Student Loans Discharged in Part, Even Though Debtor Wasn’t Destitute

A bankruptcy judge can afford little relief from student loans, even for sympathetic debtors who try hard to repay their debts.

Fraud Isn’t the Only Ground for Revoking Chapter 13 Confirmation

Court in the Ninth Circuit takes more flexible approach to revoking confirmation.

Dischargeability Judgment Must Not Lower Interest on a Creditor’s Judgment

Abuse of discretion automatically results if a judgment harms a defrauded creditor.

Debtors Not Sharing Fruits of Stay Violation Claim with Creditors Must Arbitrate

You can’t stiff your creditors and profit from an inadvertent stay violation claim.

Arbitration Clause Nixes Class Suit for an Automatic Stay Violation

Enforcing arbitration clause turns on core vs. non-core distinction.