Alabama Northern District

Alabama Judge Rejects Second Circuit’s Bankruptcy Act Opinion in Straus-Duparquet

There is no implied assumption of an executory employment contract under the Bankruptcy Code.

Creditors Get Personal Injury Proceeds Although ‘Commitment Period’ Expired

Voluntary five-year commitment period sticks the debtor with its burdens, judge holds.

Judge Reverses Course and Allows Reclassification of Deficiency Claim

Chapter 13 debtor permitted to surrender collateral and reclassify deficiency as unsecured.

Union Pension Plan Lacks Standing to Appeal Rejection of Labor Contract

Labor loses another appeal in the onslaught of energy bankruptcies.

Courts Split on Standards Justifying Hardship Discharge

‘Catastrophic event’ not required for hardship discharge.

District Court Drubs Mine Workers by Allowing Sale of Coal Assets

Union needs a quickie appeal to the Eleventh Circuit to stop Walter Energy sale.

Coal Producer Walter Energy Authorized to Terminate Union Contracts and Benefits

Donald Trump represents hope for coal miners, but not for reasons you might think, judge says.