Call for Abstracts

The American Bankruptcy Institute is accepting session topic and speaker proposals for its upcoming events. Using the form below, please describe your proposal, including the overall focus and goal of the session, as well as key points and supporting topics.

An internal committee will review the proposal in a timely manner, and the contact information you provide is how we will communicate with you regarding the status of your proposal.

Topic Suggestions

Please describe the overall focus and goal of the session, including key points and supporting topics.
Which category or categories best describe the focus of your proposed session. Select all that apply.
Please clearly define how your session will support attendees' knowledge and skills for use back at the office. Put emphasis on participants acquiring skills, rather than simply receiving knowledge and information. For example, “Participants will understand the latest email marketing practices to reach their intended audiences."
While we know that people from many backgrounds may gain value from your proposed session, please indicate the primary audience that will most benefit.
Please describe any past teaching, presentation and/or speaking experience, either with ABI or another organization, and any feedback you may have received.

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