Massachusetts Judge Limits Chapter 13 Debtor’s Standing to Sue

Chapter 11 committees achieve standing more readily than chapter 13 debtors.

‘Bar Order’ Precluding Creditors’ Independent Claims Disapproved in Chapter 7 Settlement

Massachusetts judge explores the circuit split on barring creditors’ direct claims against non-bankrupt third parties.

For Chapter 13 Lien Stripping, Use the Filing Date for Valuation

Caulkett did not bar chapter 13 lien stripping, Massachusetts judge holds.

Banks Admonished to File Foreclosure Deeds Promptly, or Else

Requiring prompt filing of a foreclosure deed is not absurd, Massachusetts judge says.

Massachusetts District Judge Nixes Notion of Forced Vesting in Chapter 13

District judge hopes novel theories of equity will permit forced vesting.

Releases Don’t Bind a Trustee Suing on a Creditor’s Claim under Section 544(b)

Trustee evaded a release by suing on an actual creditor’s claim under Section 544(b).

Most Courts Still Refusing to Discharge Taxes from Late-Filed Returns

Novel theory fails to persuade Boston judge to discharge taxes from late-filed returns.

Even if Tax Debts Are Not Discharged, Penalties Can Be, Judge Boroff Rules

‘Plain meaning’ permits discharge of some tax penalties.

Lenders Win Again, Beating Back Forced Vesting of Title through Chapter 13

Massachusetts judges disagree on ‘forced vesting’ in chapter 13 plan.