2nd Circuit

Potential Tort Claims Are Not Estate Property

Not knowing a cause of action exists sometimes keeps a tort claim out of the estate.

Lower Courts Split on Nondischargeability of Education-Related Loans

New York judges narrowly define ‘educational benefit’ to discharge student loans.

New York District Court Bars Forced Vesting of Title Through a Chapter 13 Plan

Split in lower courts now tilts toward precluding forced title vesting in chapter 13.

Aircraft Lenders Lose Again on Requiring Compliance with Return Provisions

New York judge summarizes prior decisions about returning surplus aircraft.

Using Correspondent U.S. Bank Can Result in Personal Jurisdiction in U.S. Courts

Fleeting passage of money through the U.S. can bestow jurisdiction on U.S. courts.

Second Circuit May Be Trimming Back Doctrine of Equitable Mootness

Another circuit joins the trend toward limiting the doctrine of equitable mootness.

Second Circuit Closes Loopholes in ‘Safe Harbor’ to Protect Selling LBO Shareholders

Creditors, not just trustees, are barred from suing by Section 546(e).

Madoff Investor’s Suspicion of Fraud Does Not Generate Greater Liability

The right paper trail helps avoid liability for profiting from a Ponzi scheme.

Ruling on Texas Law, New York Judge Upsets Oil and Gas Pipelines

Protections for oil and gas pipelines undermined in Sabine Oil reorganization.

Madoff Trustee Beats Back Another End Run Around $7.2 Billion Settlement

Someone who pays $7.2 billion is entitled to a court’s sympathy and protection.