PPP and similar Litigation: The Pandemic is over. Now, where did all of that money go?

Session Description: 
During the Covid Pandemic, the Federal , State and Local governments make billions of dollars in loans to all sizes of business. These programs were rolled out very quickly and the potential for fraud was huge. Now as things shake out, various of the entities that provided the funds are discovering fraud, of all shapes and sizes and bringing suits to recover wrongfully made or fraudulently obtained loans. This session will discuss the various programs, the litigation that is now being pursued by the various "lending sources" and how and when Bankruptcy is being used or implicated by this litigation. This session should address loans made to all size businesses - from the mom and pop business to the multi-million or billion businesses and the various frauds that have been discovered .
Learning Outcomes: 
Attendees will understand the various types of frauds and other issues that have arisen as a result of these "lending" programs being used improperly. Attendees will understand the various ways in which Bankruptcy can or may be used to either pursue recovery or avoid recovery as a result of the fraud and other improper ways in which these programs were used and abused.
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US Bankruptcy Court, ND IL