Hiring the best Expert Witness for your client's preference action(s), Things to know, things to confirm.

Session Description: 
The focus of this program would be on locating and hiring the best most cost effective expert witness for your client's preference action(s). Things to consider include: 1) Obtaining, considering and investigating a potential expert witness using their C.V. 2) Number of cases where they have provided a report 3) Industries that they cover 4) Level of experience that they have in the industry of the Defendant 5) Articles/Books published by the expert witness 6) Number of years they have taught classes related to preference actions 7) Have they represented both Defendants and Plaintiffs 8) Do they have access to Industry Data 9) What type of analysis have they examined (i.e., Subjective/Objective, Contemporaneous Exchange, New Value, Industry's idiosyncrasies, Seasonality, Covid, etc.) 10) Number of times they have testified in Court (both for Defendant and Plaintiff) 11) Number of times they have been Disposed 12) Number of Daubert Motions filed against them and have they won all of them 13) Number of Defendant can number of Plaintiff cases 14) Other Bankruptcy Related Experience 15) Professional background and expertise 16) Number of years acting as an Expert Witness 17) Number of years in their overall profession 18) References 19) Are they a team player 20) Recognize the need for confidentiality 21) Worked for numerous firms 22) Have a well defined and clear C.V. 23) Have familiarity with a case and have recommendations for mediators, local counsel (if needed), etc. 24) Is well recognized in their field and have been recommended by other bankruptcy attorneys 25) Why even hire an expert witness and what do they bring to resolving your client's preference action
Learning Outcomes: 
This will offer to attorneys the means to obtain the best results for their clients and show the client that the attorney firm is always focused on obtaining a solid resolution to their client's case(s).
Target Audience: 
Suggested Speakers: 
H.A. (Hal)
Schaeffer, Jr., C.C.E. C.E.W.
First Name: 
H.A. (Hal)
Last Name: 
Schaeffer, Jr., C.C.E. C.E.W.
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