From the Director Sep 2002

From the Director Sep 2002

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New Membership Directory Coming This Month

The 2002-03 ABI Membership Directory will arrive by mail this month. It is our largest edition ever, with more than 8,700 member profiles. New this year is a section listing all the members of any firm with five or more current members. This "mini-directory" of the most prominent in the insolvency world makes it easy to find top professionals from the same law, accounting and turnaround firm, even when they are located in different offices. As in the past, the Directory will also be available to members online. Recent improvements to the software make the online version easier to use when you are on the road.

Author and Lawyer Scott Turow at NCBJ

We are eagerly anticipating the luncheon speech of Scott Turow at the NCBJ meeting in Chicago next month. Beyond his career as a best-selling novelist, Turow is a managing partner with the leading firm of Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthal in Chicago. His national prominence led to an appointment to the Illinois Commission on the Death Penalty by Gov. George Ryan. Turow will discuss the important work of the Commission, among other legal developments, during his address on Oct. 4. His newest book, Reversible Errors, is set for release just after his scheduled talk. A limited number of signed copies of his 1999 book, Personal Injuries, will be available to ABI members on site.

Strategic Planning Meeting Set

ABI's Strategic Planning Committee is scheduled to meet in September with the Executive Committee. The Strategic Planning Committee is made up of past ABI presidents who use their institutional knowledge to help guide ABI's future. The committee is chaired by Robert Fishman (Shaw, Gussis, Fishman, Glantz & Wolfson; Chicago).

Watch for Teleseminars on the New Law

Should the on-again, off-again bankruptcy bill get back on track and signed into law this fall, it will mark the most significant change in the bankruptcy laws in a generation. To help you understand the implications of the new law for both business and consumer practice, ABI will again produce a series of teleseminar programs. Convenient and inexpensive, these 90-minute interactive programs were very popular when we held them last May. Watch the ABI Network Update and ABI World home page for further details.

New Law Review Issue

The Winter 2002 issue of the ABI Law Review is an open (non-theme) issue, due for release in December. Among the feature articles will be a study of the origins of Chapter XIII by Prof. David G. Epstein (ABI's Robert M. Zinman Resident Scholar in 2003) and Tim Dixon (University of Alabama School of Law). The research for the article was funded by a grant from the ABI Endowment. The Spring 2003 issue will return to a theme format, focusing on corporate governance issues emerging in the wake of the financial and accounting scandals of the past year. Those with manuscript ideas are welcome to contact the current articles editor at St. John's University School of Law, Dave Capucilli, at (718) 990-6751 ([email protected]).

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Sunday, September 1, 2002