Tax Sales Can Be Avoided as Preferences, New Jersey District Judge Rules

Not a true public sale, a tax foreclosure in New Jersey can be attacked as a preference without implicating concerns about federalism.

Barnhill Determines the Date of a Post-Petition Transfer, BAP Says

A post-petition transfer occurs when an ordinary check is honored, not when it is delivered.

Supreme Court Won’t Decide a Circuit Split on Garnished Wages as Preferences

Fifth Circuit held that wages garnished within 90 days of bankruptcy are preferences.

Courts Split on Whether Claims for Overpayments of DSOs Are Themselves DSOs

Status of claims for overpayment of domestic support obligations begs for appellate review.

Using a U.S. Bank Precludes a Foreigner from Winning Dismissal Based on Comity

Stay violation and turnover suits held proper extraterritorial application of U.S. law.