New York

Madoff ‘Net Equity’ Method Was Properly Applied to Inter-Account Transfers

Madoff trustee’s newest appellate victory again disregards fictitious profits.

No ‘Innocent Insider’ Exception to In Pari Delicto in New York, Judge Holds

New York becomes even more inhospitable to trustees facing in pari delicto defense.

New York’s ‘Loss Mitigation’ Program Survives One Lender Attack

SDNY’s ‘loss mitigation’ program for mortgage modification may face another attack.

District Judge Packs Off New GM to the First Ignition Switch Trial in Oklahoma

New GM and ignition switch plaintiffs play high-stakes poker in federal court.

Elected Chapter 7 Trustee Must Be Disinterested, Long Island Judge Holds

Judge imposes disinterestedness requirement not included in the statute.