New York Western District

Another District Judge Rules that Tax Foreclosures Can Be Fraudulent Transfers

The circuits are split on whether the Supreme Court’s BFP opinion can be extended to bar fraudulent transfer attacks on in rem real estate tax foreclosures.

Tax Foreclosure in New York Can Be a Fraudulent Transfer, District Judge Says

The Supreme Court’s BFP opinion on mortgage foreclosures held not applicable to tax foreclosures in New York.

Debtor Successfully Claims an Exemption 19 Years after Discharge

Law v. Siegel allows exempting an asset that had not been scheduled.

New York Bankruptcy Judge Bars Use of ‘Safe Harbor’ When Bank Is Only a Conduit

Buffalo judge braves Second Circuit authority to disregard ‘safe harbor’ in stock buyback.

New York Stands Alone by Not Requiring Delivery to Transfer a Note and Mortgage

District judge makes an ‘Erie’ guess on an undecided issue of New York law.

Courts Split on Stripping Down Partially Commercial Mortgages

Buffalo case begs for circuit court ruling to set up a circuit conflict and cert petition.