Mississippi Northern District

U.S. Trustee Rebuffed in Objecting to Rates Higher than Local Rates

‘National’ rates higher than ‘local’ rates can be locked in by retention orders under Section 328(a).

Debt of an Ineligible Affiliate Is Included in the $7.5 Million Cap for Subchapter V

Although ineligible on its own to be a debtor under subchapter V of chapter 11, the debt of the ineligible company is nonetheless aggregated with the debts of its affiliates to determine whether affiliates are eligible for subchapter V.

Why a Secured Creditor’s Deficiency Wasn’t Treated as an Unsecured Claim

Post-discharge default didn’t entitle a lender to treatment as an unsecured creditor.

Supplier Has No 20-Day Priority Against Partner for Goods Sold to Partnership

Uniform laws bar administrative claims against general partner under Section 503(b)(9).