11th Circuit

Courts Split on Committee Intervention as of Right in Adversary Proceedings

The circuits are split on whether a creditors’ committee may intervene as of right in adversary proceedings under Section 1109(b).

Importance of the Supreme Court’s Upcoming Bartenwerfer Decision Seen in Florida Case

The decision by the Supreme Court next term in Bartenwerfer will tell us whether debts can be automatically nondischargeable, even when the debtor is without fault.

Circuits Possibly Split on Bankruptcy as Discharging Coal Act Liability for Health Benefits

Over a dissent, the Eleventh Circuit held that a 1995 chapter 11 plan discharged the liability of ‘related persons’ to pay health care benefits when a coal producer defaulted on the obligation in 2016.

Target of Lawsuit Doesn’t Have Standing to Appeal a Litigation Funding Agreement

The Eleventh Circuit explained how prudential (or ‘person aggrieved’) standing is a higher standard more difficult to meet than constitutional (or ‘Article III’) standing.

Eleventh Circuit Again Predicted to Split with the Second Circuit on Foreign Recognition

Florida district judge explains why a foreign debtor isn’t required to have a presence in the U.S. before the debtor’s foreign representatives can win recognition under chapter 15.

Disregarding Scheduling Orders Can Waive Jury Trials and Objections to Final Orders

Sometimes, demanding a jury trial in answering a complaint comes too late to withdraw the reference.

Opinion Shows the Fault in Barring Barton Protection When a Case Is Closed

The Eleventh Circuit has subjected its trustees to the risk of expensive litigation in a faraway court unfamiliar with what happened in the bankruptcy case.

On Title Loans, a Judge Decides Between Conflicting Eleventh Circuit Opinions

Can a state law properly decree when a debtor’s property drops out of the estate?

Eleventh Circuit Takes Sides on Circuit Split by Upholding the 2018 Increase in U.S. Trustee Fees

On an issue the Supreme Court will decide this spring, the Eleventh Circuit broke the tie among the circuits by finding no unconstitutional lack of uniformity when the 2018 increase in U.S. Trustee fees was not immediately applicable in two states with Bankruptcy Administrators.

Bar to Challenging Taxes in Bankruptcy Court Isn’t Retroactive, Eleventh Circuit Says

The Eleventh Circuit opinion has important dicta on whether or not the tort of ‘continuous trespass’ exists in New York.