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January 2024 Year-Over-Year Highlights
  • Bankruptcy filings including all chapters totaled 36,607, a 17% increase from the January 2023 total of 31,176.
  • Commercial chapter 11 filings increased 22 percent to 460 in January 2024 from the 378 filings recorded in January 2023.
  • Commercial filings were 2,092, a 21 percent increase in January 2024 compared to the 1,728 filed in January 2023.
  • Subchapter V small business elections increased 43 percent to 176 in January 2024 from the 123 filings last January.
  • Individual filings increased 17% to 34,515 in January 2024 from the 29,448 filed in January 2023.
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Total Bankruptcy Filings Increase 17 Percent Year-over-Year in January 2024
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Archive of monthly statistical sheets from Epiq. (March 2022-April 2012)


Weekly Bankruptcy Analysis

Bankruptcy Filings April 1-7, 2024
Type of Case Number Filed Percent Change From Same Week
  2024 2023 2022 2021 2019
Total 8,889 15.3% 23.5% 13.8% -41.9%
Chapter 7 5,072 17.8% 24.4% -11.4% -46.1%
Chapter 11 210  90.9% 144.2% 110.0% 38.2%
Chapter 13 3,572 8.5% 18.5% 80.3% -37.7%
Other Cases* 35  3400.0% 66.7% 600.0% 66.7%

*Ch. 9, 12,15

Weekly filing data compiled from PACER and is subject to slight revisions.

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