Puerto Rico in Distress

ABI Analysis

Puerto Rico’s financial oversight board is seeking to reopen a confirmation hearing on a debt-restructuring plan for the island’s power utility after an appeals court last week ruled that bondholders have a claim to the agency’s future net revenue, Bloomberg News reported.

A federal appeals court said Puerto Rico bondholders have collateral rights over revenue generated by its bankrupt public power utility, a ruling that could delay and possibly upend a planned $10 billion debt restructuring, WSJ Pro Bankruptcy reported. The U.S.

Bondholders of Puerto Rico’s bankrupt power utility are pushing for the court to increase what they stand to recover as new projections show the company’s revenue is likely to outstrip expectations due to higher electricity consumption, Bloomberg News reported. U.S.

The debt-restructuring plan put forward by Puerto Rico’s bankrupt power authority includes a type of financing common among tobacco-settlement debt that may serve as a blueprint for other utilities seeking to raise money to meet capital needs, Bloomberg News reported.